The Recycling Partnership Launches New Coastal and Waterway Community Recycling Grants

12 Jul 2018

Introducing our Coastal and Waterway Community Recycling Grant!

Looking for money to put carts on the ground? Live near a major body of water? You’re in luck: our latest grant was created just for you!
We’ve teamed up with The Coca-Cola Foundation to help out communities that have an extra hurdle: fighting marine debris. Experts predict that by 2050, plastics will outweigh fish in our oceans.* The Recycling Partnership’s Coastal and Waterway Community Recycling Grant will outfit communities with the lidded containers needed to help reduce litter and keep our waterways clean.
The grant includes funding opportunities for recycling carts, education and outreach materials, public space recycling containers and an activation to fight marine debris in your community (think: hosting a beach cleanup).
Interested? Contact cart grant pro Rob Taylor before applying.
(Don’t qualify for the Coastal Grant, but need some cart funding? You can find our original Cart Grant here.)