PreZero US has partnered with ACI Plastics to recycle film and mixed rigid plastics

15 Jul 2020

PreZero US’ most recent collaboration is with processing partner ACI Plastics, headquartered in Flint, Michigan. Together, the companies plan to recycle mixed rigid plastics (MRP) and plastic film at two locations in California and South Carolina.

“PreZero US is a recycling company that is looking to develop closed-loop solutions for waste through collaboration,” says Hendrik Dullinger, vice president of business development for PreZero US.

He mentions the need for a holistic approach to recycling. “To be most effective, it’s imperative to encourage manufacturers to use materials that are conducive to creating closed loops. When every player in the flow of materials works together on the same page, we can create a more circular economy. This philosophy is embedded in the name PreZero,” Dullinger says. “We prethink traditional recycling processes and work with our customer base in order to move closer to zero-waste solutions.”

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