DEQ Releases Meta-Analysis of Packaging Attributes Report & Webinars

14 Dec 2018

DEQ is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of a critical meta-analysis of packaging materials asking the basic question: ‘Do popular packaging attributes including recycled and biobased content, recyclability and compostability correlate with lower environmental impacts?

This research reviewed publicly available life cycle assessment (LCA) studies from 2000-2017. The significance of this research is that at present these attributes are used as a simplified means of making “sustainable” or “green” choices for institutional and individual purchasing decisions, for marketing and brand promotion, for design guidance, and for policy recommendations for end of life materials management.

In general terms, the findings are not as straightforward as commonly believed, and in many cases the well-intentioned effort of individuals, institutions and policy may be leading to increased environmental burdens. Many of the results run contrary to popular wisdom and even the policy directions that are increasingly promoted and promulgated by national and sub-national governments.

The technical paper and four summary reports are available for download at:

We are hosting a series of webinars to facilitate discussion. If interested, please sign up at the above link.