AOR 2021 Legislative Update

8 Feb 2021

The 2021 Legislative Session is one of the busiest in recent memory. There are several pieces of legislation that AOR's Legislative Committee has already made recommendations on to the AOR Board. As of today, here is the list of bills that AOR will support or oppose. This is only a partial list of proposed legislation that impact our industry this session. The AOR Legislative Committee will continue to monitor other bills and provide additional recommendations as those bills make their way through committees througout the session.


  • HB 2065Modernizing Oregon’s recycling system 
  • HB 2395Permits use of non-wood renewable fiber in recycled paper checkout bags 
  • HB 2618Directs DEQ to study methods for disposal of sharps waste 
  • HB 2698Right to repair consumer electronic equipment 
  • HB 2955Establishes product stewardship program for HHW 
  • SB 289Directs office of Governor, in consultation with Racial Justice Council’s Environmental Equity Committee, to study law related to environment and provide results to interim committees no later than Sept 15 2022
  • SB 570: Establishes product stewardship for mattresses 
  • SB 573: Establishes Bottle Bill Expansion Task Force 


  • SB 536Repeals single-use checkout bag ban
  • SB 537Repeals regulation that restricts food and beverage provider or convenience store from providing single-use plastic straws other than at the consumer’s request

If you missed AOR's Legislative Preview Webinar  sponsored by Rogue Disposal and Recycling on January 19th, you can view the recording here