Using Co-Design to Develop Equitable Circular Economies

Pre-Conference Webinar

Co-design is about creation, inclusion, and collaboration. It is a methodology that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to provide input and make decisions in creating solutions that will meet the needs of those stakeholders. By involving stakeholders from various sectors, geographies, backgrounds, and economic levels, the end solution is designed with the people, not at or for the people. Recently, co-design was used as a tool to build a program that will impact recycling resiliency through market development in Washington State - NextCycle Washington. Traversal Design led the participatory process alongside other project partners to customize the program to meet the needs and context in Washington. The co-design team included representatives from communities, businesses, and organizations across the state. This session will explore the co-design process and how it can be used as a tool to improve recycling market resilience and advance the reuse and repair economy.