"I Want To Be Recycled" Ad Campaign

Keep America Beautiful (KAB), in collaboration with the Ad Council, has recently launched "I Want to be Recycled," its first national recycling campaign since the iconic “Crying Indian” campaign of the 1970s. AOR is supporting the campaign and has FREE promotional print materials for your newsletters and a short video for your local television broadcasts, theaters, or school events.

Discover How Your Garbage Gets Another Life

By putting your recyclables in the recycling bin, you give them new life. Some materials can travel through the recycling and manufacturing process to be back on the store shelf in as little as 30 days! Your aluminum can, water bottle, or cereal box can become many different things. Take the Recycling Journey and find out what each material wants to be!

Want More?

Visit IWantToBeRecycled.org to get a behind-the-scenes look at how trash can be transformed through recycling, to debunk common recycling myths, and to find details about recycling locations near you. You can also find out how to give garbage a new life or learn how many times an aluminum can be recycled into a new aluminum can by following the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #berecycled or liking the campaign on Facebook.