Statewide Programs

Oregon E-Cycles

The Oregon E-Cycles program was created in 2010 to ensure that computers (desktops and laptops), monitors, and TVs can be easily recycled. As of January 2010, all computers, monitors, and TVs are banned from disposal in landfills. This program allows any individual to bring seven or fewer computers, monitors, or TVs to any Oregon E-Cycles collection site for free recycling. Each Oregon county and city with a population of 10,000 or greater must have a collection site for these materials.

For more information visit or call 1-888-5-ECYCLE.

Paint Care

In 2009, Oregon enacted a law requiring paint manufactures to safely manage leftover latex and oil-based paint. Leftover paint is the single largest component of local hazardous waste collection programs. This program helps to capture paint for reuse, recycling, energy recovery, or safe disposal. Costs for safely managing leftover paint are incorporated in the purchase price of new paint.

This new law ties into the wider producer responsibility movement, in which Oregon is a national leader. Producer responsibility means manufacturers take responsibility for reducing the life cycle impacts of a product, including internalizing the end-of-life management costs, rather than having government set up and fund collection programs for waste products.

For more information and to find a paint collection site near you, visit