Plastic Film Recycling

WRAP Program Promotional Materials from the American Chemistry Council
Customizable WRAP Resources are Here!
You asked for a way to customize our WRAP communications resources, so we built a tool that allows you to do this. The tool can be found at: 
With this tool, you can: 
choose which images you want on your resources
modify the list of "not accepted" items
add a logo, contact, and other relevant program information
The first resources that you can customize are the WRAP poster and tip card. Both come in two color selections. You can download your customized poster or tip card for to print, add to your website, share on social media, and more. Over the next months we'll be adding additional resources that you can customize.
We hope you enjoy using the new tool! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let us know:
Looking for More Plastic Film Recycling Tools?
This new tool is just one of many that WRAP has to offer. Here are other tools that can help you recycle more plastic film in your community: 
Want to start your own WRAP campaign? Check out our Interactive Roadmap for a step-by-step guide. The Roadmap is available as a PDF, too.
Want to make it easy for residents to find out where to take their plastic film? Link to the Drop-Off Directory.
Want to understand where you fit into the plastic film recycling chain--and meet the entities going the extra mile to recycle film? Check out our Value Chain Case Study.