Legislation 2023

The 2023 Legislative Session opened January 17th.

The AOR Board, with guidance from our Legislative Committee, will support the following bills introduced thus far during the 2023 session:

SB 444 Relating to recycling innovation and directs Department of Environmental Quality to establish Recycling Innovators Grant Program.
SB 494 Relating to municipal solid waste incinerators; prescribing an effective date. Directs Department of Environmental Quality to conduct long-term study of cumulative impacts of air contaminants in areas surrounding municipal solid waste incinerators.
SB 542 Relating to a right to repair consumer electronic equipment; prescribing an effective date. Requires original equipment manufacturer to make available to owner of consumer electronic equipment or independent repair provider on fair and reasonable terms any documentation, tool, part, or other device or implement that original equipment manufacturer makes available to authorized repair provider for purpose of diagnosing, maintaining, or repairing consumer electronic equipment.
READ the Right-to-Repair One-Pager FAQ
SB 543 Relating to prohibitions for certain products. Prohibits food vendor from using polystyrene foam containers in sales of prepared food. READ the Zero-Waste Bills Package One-Pager
SB 544 Relating to prohibiting certain consumer products. Directs Environmental Quality Commission to establish program for source reduction of single-use plastic food ware and single-use packaging and achieve 25 percent source reductions compared to 2023 levels by 2030. READ the Zero-Waste Bills Package One-Pager
SB 545 Relating to reuse of containers; declaring an emergency. Directs State Department of Agriculture and Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules allowing consumers to use own containers for refilling with food at food establishment. READ the Zero-Waste Bills Package One-Pager


The AOR Board, with guidance from our Legislative Committee, will oppose the following bills:

HB 3046 Relating to single-use checkout bags. Repeals single-use checkout bag prohibition.
HB 3047 Relating to plastic straws. Repeals straw prohibitions.


Regarding Truth in Labeling: There are currently two bills related to Truth in Labeling that have been introduced. This is an incredibly important issue to our members, and our legislative committee and Board are carefully reviewing both to gauge how closely the bills mirror the unanimous recommendation from the Truth in Labeling Task Force, and will review its decision to watch these bills later during the session.

Important 2023 Legislative Session Documents