Inclusive Outreach: Recycling Messaging that Resonates with Diverse Audience

Recycling can be challenging even if you’re fluent in the latest recycling lingo. Is this a tub? What do I do with the lid? Does the label need to be removed before it goes in the bin? But what if you’re not on top of recycling protocols? What if English isn’t even your primary language? Recycling right becomes even harder. 

In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll have a chance to learn about best practices and lessons learned from efforts to reach and co-create outreach and communications work with diverse audiences, co-creating and co-delivering culturally appropriate information to cultural groups, who become key players in the process. 



Chelsea Clinton
Sustainability Manager, City of Eugene

Chelsea joined the Sustainability Team at the City of Eugene in 2017 and she’s currently the Sustainability Manager. Her work focuses on implementing the City of Eugene’s Climate Recovery Ordinance and Climate Action Plan with a strong emphasis on incorporating all aspects of the triple bottom line (social equity, environmental health, and economic prosperity) into her projects.

Prior to joining the City, Chelsea worked for the Oregon Department of Education where she did research focused on equitable outcomes for students. Chelsea has masters degrees in Economics and Public Administration from the University of Oregon. Most of her free time is spent with her husband Patrick and sons Benjamin (age 4) and Oliver (age 2).


Jill Hrycyk
Waste prevention project manager, Metro

Jill Hrycyk (her-ris-zik) has been working in behavior change transformation for 13+ years in various industries including energy efficiency, travel and tourism, healthcare and now in solid waste and recycling. As a project planner and manager, she believes the key to successful implementation is through thoughtful research and diverse stakeholder collaboration with empathy and humility.


Socorro Medina
Multifamily Recycling and Composting Program Manager, Seattle Public Utilities

Socorro has been managing the multifamily recycling & composting education program for the City of Seattle for five years. During this time, she developed building-specific performance metrics and an evaluation methodology that are used to guide and prioritize outreach.

For the past eight years, Socorro has been part of the bilingual environmental educators serving the refugee and immigrant communities of Puget Sound. She applies her background as an environmental research scientist to help Seattle’s waste diversion and cultural-competency efforts.

She has a B.S. degree in Physics from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington.


Ricardo Palazuelos
Bilingual Community Outreach Specialist, Washington County

After spending many years in the automotive industry, Ricardo pursued advanced degrees in the field of education as he made a career change into primary and secondary public education with emphasis in technology. As a parent, he saw the need for others to be accounted when making system changes to sustainable services that directly affect them. Ricardo has been involved with community groups for many years and understands the importance of involving their members, especially from marginalized populations, in the decision-making process.


Anthony Veliz
President, IZO Public Relations & Marketing

Anthony Veliz is the founder and owner of IZO Public Relations & Marketing, a multicultural agency specializing in the Latino community. IZO recently launched STORI jobs, a Digital Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Platform targeting diverse college/university students and Millennials.

Anthony has consulted with many public and private sector organizations on issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and recruitment. His expertise on the growing Latino community of Oregon is unmatched.