Food Waste Prevention Week

Join Oregon DEQ in supporting and participating in Food Waste Prevention Week.

First put on in Florida in 2021, the week is now open to other states and localities.  The week consists of daily social media and other online events (like webinars featuring celebrity chefs), all designed to draw attention to food waste and provide tips on how to prevent it.  Further information on the week is available here: Florida Food Waste Prevention Week (

 If you’re a local Oregon government or NGO, you can participate at no cost.  Organizers make it really easy – they have created a toolkit that includes example social media posts, press releases and other material that you all can use to promote the week. DEQ also has some resources available for participants. If you have any questions about the week, especially DEQ’s participation in it, contact Elaine Blatt at Oregon DEQ

04/04/2022 (All day) to 04/08/2022 (All day)
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