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Fort George Brewery opened in Astoria in March 2007. They have always kept their environmental impact in mind.

Astoria does not have any sustainability or solid waste and recycling staff, so Fort George hired their own Sustainability Director, Renee, in May of 2016.

Renee focuses on developing projects and...


The ReBuilding Center focuses on the highest parts of the waste hierarchy; Reduce and Reuse. They inspire people to make mindful use of the excess materials from local construction and deconstruction projects, which greatly reduces the need for these items to be processed in local transfer stations.

ReBuilding Center has...


The Oregon Food Bank Network is made up of 21 regional food banks and approximately 970 partner agencies in Oregon and Clark County, Washington. Oregon Food Bank works with partners across the food system collection about 90 million pounds of surplus from farmers, ranchers, fishers, processors, distributors, and grocers. Of...


On Friday, June 10th at its 39th Annual Conference, the Association of Oregon Recyclers presented awards to outstanding businesses, individuals, and organizations in the fields of recycling, reuse, and sustainability.


The winners in each category were:

Alice Soderwall Reuse & Waste Prevention Award  -...

​Decon + Reuse '17 is the annual conference of the Building Materials Reuse Association, a one of a kind meeting of deconstruction and reuse practitioners from around the world.

The Building Material Reuse Association's international conference and expo on deconstruction and reuse is heading to Portland, Oregon this fall...