Why is a recycling organization talking about racial equity?

14 Jan 2020

You may have noticed that the topic of racial equity has been on the agenda at the past few AOR conferences, and next month AOR is hosting a training on “Leading with a Racial Equity Lens for Structural Transformation.”  So what does racial equity have to do with recycling?

As noted in Metro’s 2030 Regional Waste Plan, a long history of discrimination in law, policy and practices has left communities of color out of the economic benefits of the garbage and recycling system while burdening them with disproportionate harmful impacts.

Equity takes many forms and AOR believes that our communities will benefit from a raised awareness within our industry of this complex subject.  Our vision is that these conversations lead to actions that protect the people and places where our materials are extracted, processed and disposed of.   We encourage you to join in these conversations now so that we can work together in fulfilling this vision.

Questions? Contact AOR Board Chair, Ali Briggs-Ungerer.