Welcome New AOR Student Member: Brian Boshes

15 Aug 2022

 Name: Brian Boshes

 In what University/College are you currently enrolled, or if an Americorps Volunteer, where are you working/volunteering?: Portland State University

 Tell us about your major or current career path: Finishing my MBA and looking to pivot from 10+ years in software product management to focus on projects related to sustainability, green energy, or circular economies. Hoping to leverage my background in business and software to generate new business models to manage and improve recycling.

 Are there any particular segments of the recycling/materials management industry that you would like to work in? Providing zero-waste and B-corp consulting services to local PDX area SMBs.

 Are there any particular AOR members that you would like to meet? Vinod Singh from Far West Recycling

 What motivates you to recycle and live sustainably? Lower carbon impact while maintaining quality of life

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why? Beaver - industrious and I like DIY projects

How did you learn about AOR? Recycling 101 course