Take a Tour: ORPET

11 May 2016

The AOR Sustainable Oregon 2016 Pre-Conference Tours are Wednesday, June 8th from 8:30am - 12:00pm

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Join us on a tour of Oregon’s first state-of-art plastic bottle recycling facility. ORPET, partnering with OBRC and Merlin Plastics, was designed and built to process Post-Consumer PET bottles into clean PET flake or RPET “Recycled PET”.

Our recycling processes sort, granulate, and wash the PET material for re-use by a wide variety of end-users. ORPET’s primary stream of supply is OBRC, which handles the logistics of the Oregon Bottle Bill.

The Reverse Vending Machines at redemption centers and retail stores collect the plastic bottles and OBRC gathers them from nearly 3000 locations across the State.