Student Member Spotlight - Hannah Carleson

14 Sep 2021

new memberWelcome new student member Hannah Carleson!

Name: Hannah Carleson

In what university/college are you currently enrolled, or if an AmeriCorps volunteer, where are you working/volunteering?

Portland State University

Tell us about your major or current career path.

I am currently pursuing my Master of Public Administration degree at Portland State University. My specialty is in Natural Resource Management, and my particular interest is in waste reduction.

Are there any particular segments of the recycling/materials management industry that you would like to work in?

I am particularly interested in recycling, but more specifically in reuse and reclamation of materials. Niche items that are not readily recyclable through curbside systems are very interesting to me, and I hope to work with businesses and industries that can make use of materials that are typically considered garbage! My goal is to connect Oregon residents with resources to send their "unusable" materials to, in order to encourage a more circular economy.

What motivates you to recycle and live sustainably?

I am very aware of the fact that consumers do not represent the lion's share of waste and consumerism. However, I feel there is very little that is more effective than vocal and persistent demonstration. When many voices are asking for change, there is greater will to listen and create change.

There is little to be gained by shrugging my shoulders and considering the social and ecological crises of our time someone else's problem. We have got to talk the talk AND walk the walk.

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

I would love to be a sea turtle! They are long-lived and beautiful creatures. I am infinitely impressed by their grace in the water, even though most weigh upwards of 300 pounds!

How did you learn about AOR?

I learned about AOR through the Master Recycler program and through PSU's Community Environmental Services.