Recology Rolls Out Electric Trucks

28 Jan 2019

When the city of Seattle recently put out an RFP for a 10-year hauling contract, it included a noteworthy request: primary fleets that leverage energy-saving fuel sources. 


The Seattle contract, which covers collection of waste, recycling and organics, was awarded to the city’s two incumbent haulers: Waste Management and Recology.

The terms of the deal go into effect April of this year.

While WM will continue to use collection trucks powered by compressed natural gas, Recology is leaning on multiple strategies. Most of the company’s Seattle fleet, which includes about 80 collection trucks, will run on diesel from animal fats and vegetable oils. But the San Francisco-based company is also rolling out two trucks in Seattle that are entirely electric.

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Image from BYD (Build Your Dreams), manufacturer of Recology's electric trucks.