OBRC Welcomes Jules Bailey to Bottle Bill Team

8 Sep 2016

Portland, Oregon –  Former Oregon legislator and Multnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey will join the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) full-time in January 2017 as Chief Stewardship Officer (CSO).

OBRC’s President, John Andersen, said Bailey is a natural fit to the organization charged with carrying out Oregon’s beloved bottle bill law.

Bailey, who previously worked as an economist, served three terms in the legislature (2009-2014), representing southeast Portland. He earned honors as a champion of environmental issues, particularly clean energy. In 2014, he was elected to the Multnomah County Commission. He ran a spirited race for mayor of Portland earlier this year, coming in second behind Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler.

"Oregonians love their bottle bill," Andersen said. "The upcoming deposit increase and product expansion create both challenges and opportunities for the beverage industry’s stewardship of Oregon’s iconic bottle bill – Jules brings a proven record as a leader in environmental innovation."

Bailey received two master’s degrees at Princeton University, Public Affairs and Urban Planning. He also holds a graduate certificate in science, technology, and environmental policy.

"I grew up with our Bottle Bill and the values it stands for," Bailey said. "I could not be more proud of working to keep Oregon’s roadways and beaches litter free and our state more beautiful."

OBRC is a member-owned cooperative that plays a central role as a steward of Oregon’s bottle bill law, collecting and processing nearly all containers sold and redeemed in Oregon. OBRC counts, sorts, crushes, bales, and recycles 1.2 billion containers each year. There are now 17 BottleDrop Redemption Centers that have helped ease the process for consumers. Unredeemed deposits (averaging $24 million over the last three years) support operational costs, including the statewide build-out of BottleDrop Redemption Centers.


Press Release issued by OBRC on 9/7/16