Meet 2023 AOR Board Candidate - Lexi Howell

8 Jun 2023

Lexi Howell

I am a third-generation hauler with a lifelong understanding of the solid waste industry. I currently serve on the management team at North Lincoln Sanitary Service working in my family business. Growing up in a rural community in Lincoln City, Oregon, I have been immersed in the industry from an early age. Attending Association of Oregon Recyclers (AOR) events alongside my parents instilled in me a deep appreciation for sustainability and the importance of the voice of AOR in the industry. Having transitioned to urban living in Lake Oswego, Oregon, I also understand the unique challenges and opportunities of waste management in different settings.

Before my role at North Lincoln Sanitary Service, I was previously the Fundraising Chair at AOR from 2019 – 2021 where I spearheaded the fundraising committee's efforts to generate revenue supporting AOR programs and scholarships for AOR events. In this role, I actively worked towards organizational goals, represented AOR at special events, and played a vital role in planning the first annual online conference during the pandemic, including coordinating the silent auction. During this same period, I was working as an Inside Sales Representative at Waste Connections from 2019 – 2021 in the Portland Metro area to further solidify my expertise in waste management on a larger scale.

With a comprehensive understanding of the industry, I am dedicated to making a positive impact and continuing to learn. By advocating for reuse, reduction, and recycling, I strive to create a more sustainable future and believe being a part of the AOR Board of Directors will further that mission.

How long and in what capacity(s) have you been involved with AOR (committees, conferences, tours ,etc.)?

I was on the board from 2019-2021 serving as the fundraising chair. Before that, I was involved only through my parents who have been longtime members through North Lincoln Sanitary Service.

Why would you like to serve on the AOR Board of Directors?

I think being a part of the AOR board is an integral part of being in the solid waste industry in Oregon.

What skills, expertise, and experience do you possess that would be make you a valuable addition?

I have a lifetime of knowledge in the solid waste industry, as well as being 3rd generation at our hauling company in Lincoln City, Oregon. I understand both the rural and urban communities from living on the Oregon Coast my whole childhood to currently residing in the Portland Metro area. I connect easily with others and hope to create lasting relationships in order to learn through other's personal experiences. I have experience with event planning and organization of committees through my time on the board at AOR, Waste Connections, and through my past two years in real estate.