Meet 2023 AOR Board Candidate - Holly Stirnkorb

9 Jun 2023

Holly Stirnkorb

Holly Stirnkorb is a Principal Planner for Metro’s Waste Prevention and Environmental Services Policy and Program Development team. Holly brings more than two decades of public and private sector experience to her role at Metro where she is responsible for leading projects, developing and implementing policies, and collaborating with others to advance efforts to prevent and reduce waste.

Holly began her career at Washington County Solid Waste and Recycling and went on to consulting where she led strategic planning efforts in communities across Oregon and the United States to improve materials management systems including collaboration with community stakeholders to advance equity objectives. She is known for building consensus and creatively working through complex projects with empathy and humor. Holly has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University.

How long and in what capacity(s) have you been involved with AOR (committees, conferences, tours ,etc.)?

I have been a member of AOR for over 30 years. I served on the Board as Secretary (1992 to 1994) and Membership Chair (2016), volunteered on the Conference Committee for many years, presented at several conferences (2011, 2017, 2019), helped plan tours, and attended dozens of AOR events. During my time as Membership Chair, I was instrumental in developing a new membership outreach plan.

*Why would you like to serve on the AOR Board of Directors?

AOR brings the diverse voices of industry, government, nonprofits, and community together for a common goal. This range of information, opinions, and perspectives is a powerful force to both support the professional growth of members and to advocate for change that benefits the entire industry. I want to serve on the AOR Board to contribute to the organization’s cooperative and collaborative approach that has been instrumental in 1) advancing landmark legislation that has kept the State at the forefront of materials management, 2) educating and mentoring people new to the field as well as established professionals, and 3) promoting equity in all aspects of the industry. I would also like to give back to the organization that has given me so much throughout the years including a greater understanding of the issues and long-lasting friendships.

*What skills, expertise, and experience do you possess that would be make you a valuable addition?

I have an understanding of AOR’s vision, mission, bylaws, and general operation through years of involvement in the organization that will allow me to quickly get to work. My two decades of experience working on a wide range materials management policies and programs for both the public and private sectors will allow me to add value to policy discussions and contribute to the development of information and educational events and resources. I can support the organization’s collaborative approach through the many positive working relationships I have with industry, community organizations, and local, regional, and state government. I am committed to maintain the organization’s focus on diversity through my experience advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives and ongoing training to assist in my personal and professional journey to build this practice.