Interested in Running for the AOR Board?

22 May 2018

The Association of Oregon Recyclers' Annual Member Meeting and Board Elections will take place on Thursday, June 14th, at the 2018 Sustainable Oregon Conference in Eugene.

Members will vote in our next Board members, and now is the time for you to throw your hat into the ring!

Serving on the AOR is a great way to strengthen your knowledge in the industry, expand your connections with industry professionals, and support AOR all at the same time

The following positions are up for election:

AOR Board Chair

The Board Chair presides at all meetings of the members and the board and leads organization development. The Chair should anticipate devoting at least 10 hours a week to AOR duties, which include, but are not limited to: 

signing for contracts and official documents; organizing and delegating planning and implementation of all forums, tours and trainings;  Leading meetings, guiding Board and tracking project progress. Prioritizing strategic plan work; Coordinating work with Resource Director; Organizing annual board retreat; developing partnerships and serving as primary contact for AOR business. The chair also manages contracts, monitors and oversees bylaws amendments; as well as organizing and leading the Board session and Annual Meeting and Elections.

AOR Secretary

The AOR Secretary is responsible for keeping a complete record of all meetings of the association and the board of officers. The Secretary also prepares an annual report, manages nominations for Recycler of the Year awards; manage AOR’s social media accounts and serves notice of the meetings of the board of officers and of the members.

The Secretary should anticipate devoting 3 hours a week to AOR activities, upwards of 5+ during awards planning and conference.

AOR Conference Chair

The Conference Chair leads the conference planning activities, and should anticipate devoting a minimum of 5+ hours/week during conference planning in the late fall/early spring.

The duties of the Conference Chair include: Organizing and chairing a committee of association members concerning the planning and implementation of the annual conference. Overseeing project management aspects of the conference: finalizing all speakers, collaborating with Conference Planner and Resource Director regarding conference planning timeline and logistics, preparing conference budget, and supporting conference outreach and marketing.

AOR Marketing Chair

The AOR Marketing Chair’s main role is to assist AOR staff in planning, developing, and implementing a marketing strategy to increase participation in AOR events and programs. Duties include development of marketing/outreach materials consistent with AOR branding and collaborating with the Conference Chair to support marketing efforts for the annual conference and Resource Director on communications strategy. 

The Marketing Chair should anticipate devoting 2-3 hours/week to marketing efforts, and upwards of 5 hours in weeks leading up to events.

AOR Membership Chair

The Membership Chair serves as the liasion between AOR members and the Board. 

The duties of the Membership Chair include: Development and coordination of member communications; Development of member recruitment/retention strategies as well as identify and recruiting potential AOR members at events.

The Membership Chair also maintains relationships with our regional liaisons, supports outreach efforts at events, and provides quarterly membership updates to the Board. The board anticipates some new tasks in the 2018-2019 term around advising EDI partnership development and EDI training for the board. The Membership Chair should anticipate devoting a minimum of 3 hours/week to these efforts. 

If you are interested in running for any of these Board positions, please send the following to Amy Roth, AOR's Resource Director by Monday, June 4th.

  • The position for which you are running;
  • Why you'd like to be elected and serve in that  position;
  • A brief bio/little bit about yourself
  • A headshot to be included in the elections brochure.