AOR Cleanup Connections Webinar

AOR Cleanup Connections
Tuesday, June 15th, 2021
10:30am - 12:30pm

Join us for our upcoming webinar "Cleanup Connections" on 6/15. We'll be featuring presenters from Solve, Surfrider, Adopt a Block, and the City of Portland to discuss how to best use litter cleanup activities to motivate and create change and ways to continue litter cleanups even without a supporting organization.
We will also have representatives from Trash for Peace's GLITTER program talking about their view of litter collection and how there can be a paid, living wage model that lifts up our houseless community members.
The purpose of the AOR Cleanup Connections Event is to help expand the pool of people interested in and places where litter cleanups occur around the state.
We will also learn how litter cleanups can be pathways for re-entry and pathways to lift up and support the most vulnerable and better understand a brief history of litter collection, why it is an essential service, and how it can be more resilient to emergency situations (such as a global pandemic) when it is strengthened through living wage, peer-led, low-barrier job opportunities.
You don’t really know how fun, impactful and feel-good a litter cleanup can be until you do one. Cleanups are also excellent gateways to deeper community involvement and environmental action. Our hope is that through this event we can help engage influential movers and shakers in the Oregon Materials Management industry in litter cleanups. Through this experience these movers and shakers can then help grow and expand access and participation in cleanups around Oregon. Oh, and in the end we’ll pick up a bunch of litter and have some fun too!
We'll be promoting Cleanup activities throughout the summer, and will have PRIZES for those who collect the most material, who participates in the most cleanup activities, and who finds the strangest item during their cleanup. Stay tuned for more information about this summer long event, but register today for the kick-off webinar on June 15th to learn more!