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AOR is a nonprofit 501(C)(6) trade association founded in 1977, committed to achieving a system of sustainable materials management by supporting high-quality recycling and composting, thoughtful consumption, and producer responsibility. AOR provides value to its members by hosting educational events, delivering publications to enhance our understanding and connections to diverse perspectives, and lobbying for legislation that supports sustainable materials management.

Our membership spans the gamut of the sustainable materials management industry. Nonprofits; waste haulers; recyclers; reuse organizations, state, federal, and local government; packaging producers, recycling equipment manufacturers, educational institutions and many others come together under the AOR umbrella to achieve these goals. 

Latest News From the AOR Blog


On September 15, 2015, DEQ will open its 2015 round of materials management grants for projects that prevent, recover, or reuse solid and household hazardous wastes.  DEQ expects to award up to $500,000 in...


This award was given to Julie Daniel in recognition of her many years as a leader in sustainability. In 1996 Julie started working at BRING as a part-time administrative employee. In 1998, during a crucial transition...


The Recycler of the Year for an Individual is awarded to someone whose actions have significantly reduced solid waste or have furthered recycling, waste prevention and/or reuse. This year's award was presented...