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Feature Story from Recycling Today by Brian Taylor

​During the previous two decades, China emerged and then solidified its role as the leading producer and consumer of nearly every basic material, including base metals, plastic and paper and board.

The global shift in resources also entailed China becoming a...


From Waste Today by Megan Smalley

Amazon has announced...


AOR has recently learned that The Gray Family Foundation’s environmental education grant program will be making a few extra grants in 2019 (applications due December 1, 2018).

The additional funding is made possible through a partnership between the Gray Family Foundation and BottleDrop Fund. BottleDrop Fund is a new...


In response to changes in Oregon’s recycling laws, the opportunity to recycle is being extended to all residents and businesses that share garbage collection service provided by a middle party, such as a multi-tenant property owner or property manager, regardless of the number of tenants sharing service. The change will require...


The city is switching to dual-stream recycling because of cost increases for single-stream recycling.

From Recycling Today, by Megan Smalley

The city of Kingston, New York, plans to transition from a single-stream recycling system to a dual-stream recycling system, according to the Daily Freeman newspaper.