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On the Oregon Department of Energy's latest episode of Grounded, they’re talkin’ trash in Southern Oregon at Rogue Disposal & Recycling. Community &...


The Commonway Institute director talks about the intersection between homelessness and waste management

From Street Roots, November 24th, by Jared Paben

Shariff Abdullah asked the crowd if they’d ever heard the expression “poor white trash.” Hands raised throughout the hotel ballroom. 

In January 2019, Metro will begin to seek proposals for the operations of Metro South transfer station, starting in January 2020. Metro South, a solid waste transfer station owned by Metro and located in Oregon City, is a popular facility that receives many types of materials from a variety of sources. Garbage trucks bring trash...

Colorado NextCycle is open to applicants anywhere in the U.S. or internationally

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s newly adopted statewide waste diversion goal aims to more than double the state’s current recycling rate to 45 percent by 2036....


New Recycling Opportunities for Residents and Businesses that Share Garbage Collection Service

In response to changes in Oregon’s recycling laws, the opportunity to recycle is being extended to all residents and businesses that share garbage collection service provided by a middle party, such as a multi-tenant property...