New Report Shows Massachusetts Bottle Bill Law Creates Nearly 1,500 Jobs and Contributes Up to $151 Million to State GDP

8 Jun 2017

Press Release from the Container Recycling Institute

Analysis From Container Recycling Institute Details Significant Employment and Economic Impacts of the Commonwealth’s Current Beverage Container Deposit Return System

OBRC Proposes Refillable Bottle Program with Oregon Brewers

2 Feb 2017

Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC), the operational entity behind Oregon’s Bottle Bill, is announcing efforts to develop an innovative refillable beer bottle program in partnership with Oregon breweries. As a national leader in environmental initiatives and craft brewing, Oregon represents an ideal setting to create a refillable beer bottle system.

New book on Oregon's Bottle Bill

30 Dec 2016

"The story of Oregon’s landmark environmental legislation of the late 1960s and early '70s has been told many times but a new book offers a fresh perspective from a man who was at the front line of crafting these first-in-the-nation laws." Paul Hanneman, the original author of Oregon's 1971 Bottle Bill, recently wrote a new book, The Inside Story: Oregon’s Beach and Bottle Bills, his firsthand account of crafting these groundbreaking laws.