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In 2017, The Recycling Partnership worked in Massachusetts, fighting contamination in six more communities and training Bay State staffers to deploy our approach for years to come.

Together with the Massachusetts Department for Environmental Protection, they created the Recycling IQ Kit. Here’s one for curbside recycling...


Beaverton’s Sustainability & Recycling Programs welcome Caitlin Ahearn as our new Recycling Specialist.  She fills the position formerly held by Elizabeth Cole (who is now our Recycling and Waste Prevention Coordinator).

Caitlin previously worked at Washington County and the City of Gresham (through the Confluence...


Starting April 2nd, PDX travelers will be able to dine on real dishes and silverware in the food cart area of the Oregon Market. 

The new durable dishware is part of a three-month pilot project made possible by a grant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

The project’s overall goal is to reduce...


From DEQ Materials Management December Newsletter

​DEQ is continuing to convene meetings with local governments, collectors, processors, Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association and Association of Oregon Recyclers to address major recycling markets disruptions stemming from China’s severe import restrictions on recyclable...


From the DEQ Materials Management December Newsletter

In December, DEQ awarded more than $600,000 in grant funding to 19 projects across the state.

These grants will help Oregon manage materials more sustainably, reducing environmental impacts while also creating jobs, feeding at-risk populations, and supporting...