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From Recycling Today, by Kelly Maile

UL has announced a certification for companies to measure and report circular economy aspects of products, sites and organizations. UL 3600 will be the first standard to evaluate a company’s circularity of material flows, UL reports....

By LIz Bedard, from The Recycling Partnership Blog

As an employee of both The Recycling Partnership and the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), I have the unique privilege of viewing the recycling industry from all sides.

Suppliers, manufacturers, MRFs, haulers, residents, communities, corporations: you name...


The National League of Cities' recent research report examines the impacts of China's National Sword, and offers recommendations for how cities can adapt to evolving recycling markets. 

Click here to download full report. 


From Resource Recycling, by Jared Paben

Public and private entities regularly sample waste streams to glean data on the plastics that could be captured for recycling. Now, guidelines have been developed to standardize the process so results can be compared. 


Article from Resource Recycling by Colin Staub