Job Openings

If you have a job opening related to sustainable materials management, please send us a short description including position, company, location, salary, application deadline, and a link to more information. 

Sustainability Analyst (2 Positions)
Clackamas County Department of Transportation & Development / Sustainability & Solid Waste Program
11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time), Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Compensation: $61,629 - $77,743 annually + benefits
Seeking motivated individuals with strong communication and interpersonal skills. If you are selected for either one of the two positions, you will have an opportunity to assist in the implementation and promotion of sustainability, waste reduction, resource conservation and disaster preparedness programs and initiatives for Clackamas County, by providing and coordinating education, technical assistance, planning, and program delivery.

If you are interested in working to promote businesses’ capacity to prevent or compost food waste, and support or build partnerships among non-profits and businesses to ensure more food is donated and reaches those in need, we have a position we want to consider you for!

If you see yourself working to develop and coordinate sustainability and/or climate efforts in the County’s organizational operations, and to assist in building resilience and preparedness within the department and our garbage and recycling system, for example through further developing our plan for disaster debris, we have an opportunity for you!