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Oregon State University's Materials Management Department, which combines the Campus Recycling and Surplus Property offices, has recently implemented some new programs to reduce waste and increase sustainability.

One of these programs, "All in the Hall," removed trash bins from inside classrooms and replaced them with...


China's National Sword policy is particularly affecting Southern Oregon recycling programs. Here's a round-up of news articles on this issue: 

​​Curbside Recycling Pickup Under Threat in Oregon Communities (A review of what's happening with recycling programs in Southern Oregon.) - from

Curbside Recycling...


China's recent decision to no longer accept post-consumer plastics has left local recyclers facing a serious challenge.

Oregon currently doesn't have a facility designed to separate plastics from the other materials collected.

Denton Plastics in Northeast Portland accepts plastics, but the material comes in...


In response to China's recent policies restricting the amount of contamination in recyclables it accepts, Coos County has reduced its contamination in its recycling by 85 percent in just two months.

Cleaner recycling materials have opened up new market opportunities in countries like India and Vietnam. In some cases...


Nina Bellucci Butler, CEO of MORE Recycling, offers insights into why the market for recycled materials is broken, and tangible steps we can take now to fix it.

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