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Metro approved final administrative rules, effective March 1, 2018, to guide the licensing and inspection of facilities that receive source-separated recyclable materials as well as some facilities that convert waste to energy or fuel.

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Thanks to a grant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the great folks at BRING in Eugene, OR, have spent the past twelve months asking their stakeholders what they appreciate about BRING and how to expand their many programs and are charting an exciting new course. 

The organization has a new look...


The Recycle Demand Champions initiative hopes to increase demand for post-consumer resin.

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has a new plan to increase demand for recyclable plastics in North America, and with help from The Recycling Partnership, it is calling upon manufacturers and retailers to make it...


Recycling Today reports HDPE can be recycled repeatedly, according to a study conducted by the Association of Plastics Recyclers and the American Chemistry Council.



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