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The Green Team at the Coos Bay Bureau of Land Management was nominated and awarded for starting a more robust recycling program and at the District Office, educating staff on waste prevention/recycling, and offering recycling at some of the popular recreation sites they manage. The Green Team is a group of nine employees who...


Terry McDonald spins garbage into housing, jobs, new products.

Through Cascade Alliance SVdP of Lane County is mentoring other non-profits to help them build the same type of success from the waste stream. During Oregon's economic downturn the thrift industry was doing fine and SVdP of Lane County was adding jobs and...


Science teacher Helen Haberman facilitates the only school-based Master Recycler training program in the state using most of the same presenters and tours sites as the adult class, including Recycling 101 online.

12-20 students, usually seniors, complete this training each year over the course of 2 semesters. Students...


What is Zero Waste? 

Zero Waste is a philosophy and a design principle for the 21st Century. It includes 'recycling' but goes beyond recycling by taking a 'whole system' approach to the vast flow of resources and waste through human society.

Zero Waste maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces consumption and...


Eva Aguilar has gone above and beyond the normal scope of her duties promoting waste prevention  and recycling  to Washington County's Latino community in her role as Bilingual Program Educator.

Over the past year in this role, Eva has vastly expanded engagement with Washington County's Latino community and has...