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Metro went live on Facebook on April 6, 2018 to answer the questions about recycling. In the 20-minute segment, Metro recycling experts Matt Korot and Patrick Morgan explained details on everything from what's going on in China and whether recyclables are going to landfills, to how to recycle plastics and where we could be...


Do you know where your dimes go when you don't redeem your beverage deposits? It goes to the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC), to fund bottle collection and BottleDrop Redemption Centers. OBRC, which is owned by Oregon beverage distributors and grocery retailers, was formed in 2009 and manages the deposit flow,...


The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) proclaimed Sunday, March 18 the first Global Recycling Day. Based on the worldwide response, the organization was successful in calling attention to the issues facing the recycling industry and highlighting the importance of what it calls "the seventh resource."

BIR says ...


Central Oregon Residents are asked to be more careful about what they put in recycling bins. On January first, China stopped taking most recycling from western nations, claiming recyclables were contaminated with trash and organic material. 

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​KGW news reports,if the item has been on Metro's list of acceptable recyclables, it is still okay to put into the bin.