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Sustainable Oregon 2019, AOR’s 41st annual conference, will be held June 19th - 21st, 2019 at The Riverhouse in Bend, Oregon. 

This year we are seeking enthusiastic and dynamic presenters that can share ideas and innovations in the recycling, reuse, waste reduction, and resource and materials management industry or workshops on issues impacting our industry.

We are especially interested in presentations from outside Oregon to bring new, fresh perspectives to our attendees. 

Session Specifics

Concurrent Sessions
Sessions are comprised of multiple 15-20 minute presentations totalling 60 minutes with an additional 15 minutes of Q&A/Discussion time. The AOR conference committee will combine proposals that address similar areas and topics to form a full 75-minute session.

Workshops are intended to be hands-on and interactive, with attendees leaving the workshop with tangible skills they can take back to implement in their workplace. Past/suggested workshop ideas include: using social media to promote programs; how to develop end-of-year giving campaigns; how to identify and track metrics to gauge program success. This is by no means an exhaustive list, the ideas are endless, so long as they leave attendees with a new found skill/s to enhance their work productivity.

Workshops are generally held the morning of the first day of the conference and are 2-3 hours in length.

Proposals are due October 1, 2018 and will be decided on by our Conference Planning Committee.Selected proposals will be selected and speakers notified no later than December 15, 2018.



Introducing our Coastal and Waterway Community Recycling Grant!

Looking for money to put carts on the ground? Live near a major body of water? You’re in luck: our latest grant was created just for you!
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What is the name of your business or organization?
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Many of the recycling/waste reduction coordinators that work with schools are jointly nominating Nancy Bond for the AOR Lifetime Achievement award. Nancy will be retiring in June after a long and successful career as a Resource Conservation Coordinator for Portland Public Schools. 

It is difficult to capture all of the...


On Friday, July 13, DEQ will open its 2018 materials management grants round for projects that prevent, recover, or reuse solid wastes. DEQ expects to award up to $500,000 in statewide funding. Grant application forms and instructions will be available at this website starting July 13, and all completed applications are due...


Free Geek stands out in the recycling ecosystem because of its unique circular model. By taking two massive societal problems—e-waste and the digital divide— and pointing them at each other, Free Geek uses one problem to solve the other.

Technology changes rapidly and computers, monitors, printers, smartphones and other...