Webinar: Solar Panel Stewardship: the Future is Now

Solar panels emerged as an energy source in the early 1990’s, and as the technology advanced and became more affordable, more U.S. households and businesses installed these devices. Fast forward to today – nearly thirty years later – and many of the first installed solar panels are in need of replacement. Solar modules contain hazardous materials, rare earth elements, and other materials that must be managed safely and responsibly, some of which have tangible economic value.

NRC Webinar: Trash and Waste Management Around the World - What Happens at the Household Level

An expert in the field of solid waste industry economic research will discuss how people around the world manage their waste and recycled materials

Wednesday November 15, 2017/1:30 - 2:45PM EST 

Presenters: Lisa A. Skumatz, PhD, Economic Research Associates, Inc. 

Topic Subject Matter: Trash and Waste Management Around the World

Technical Complexity: Moderate

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NRC Webinar: Sustainable Materials Management at Universities

The NRC has long-supported university campus recycling, first hosting caucuses of campus program managers in 1992, and then supporting a technical council in 1995. Recently, the NRC re-established the Campus Council to meet the need for stronger linkages between higher education and the SMM industry. Degree programs, career services, applied research / technology transfer, and relationships with recycling leaders are examples of the opportunities the Campus Council develops between on-campus and off-campus groups.

Take a virtual tour of one of the most advanced C&D recycling operations in the U.S.

Cost: $79.00


Zanker Recycling began operations of the Zanker Road Landfill in 1985 with only five (5) years of landfill capacity remaining; increased its life to 26 years by focusing on and, in some cases, inventing recycling equipment and methods. As one of the most advanced C&D recycling operations in the United States, the facility is continually enhancing its operations.

Webinar participants will take a virtual tour of the recycling facilities. This includes: