From more info on how to get involved in a committee, contact the committee chair.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee develops a variety of aspects of the annual conference including sessions, tours and activities, and the silent auction. The group starts meeting in the fall and continues meeting until spring, and committee members spend a few hours in between each meeting working on their tasks.

Contact: Liz Start, AOR Conference Chair

Events Committee

Formerly the Education Committee, the events committee helps us to grow our recycling education programs throughout the state by sharing resources, compiling information, and promoting recycling through events around the state. The group meets quarterly, with the expectation that committee members will do 5-10 hours of work between meetings to support projects.

Contact:  Gregg Hayward, AOR Education Chair

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is one of AOR's newest committees, focused on activities to help raise revenue to support AOR programs and scholarships to AOR events.

Contact: Alex Bertolucci, AOR Fundraising Chair 

Legislative Committee

The AOR Legislative Committee serves as an advisory body to the Legislative Chair on policy and legislation of interest to AOR. The committee meets regularly during the legislative session and as needed throughout the year.

Contact: Pam Peck, AOR Legislative Chair

Marketing Committee

AOR is forming a new marketing committee that will meet monthly to create a plan to promote and market AOR as an organization, it's mission, vision, and events. We all know what an innovative organization AOR is. This committee will design a plan to let the rest of the world know. Creative thinkers apply within.

Contact: Cherilyn Bertges, AOR Marketing Chair

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee helps develop and implement AOR’s member recruitment and retention strategy. The group meets prior to AOR events to identify organizations and individuals that would benefit from attending the event. Our two tasks are to: A) recruit potential members to attend AOR events and B) remind former members that their membership has expired.

Contact: Josy Wright, AOR Membership Chair