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Spending my days amidst can and bottle recyclers, I don’t tend to give as much thought to food. Sure, I try to buy organic. I use my compost bin. I even give leftover scraps to my three backyard chickens. But what about the food that doesn’t even make it our plates? The wasted fruit and veggies that didn’t even have a chance?...


Portland, ORE – Today, Portland City Council adopted an ordinance, including code language, which requires projects seeking a demolition permit of a house or duplex to fully deconstruct that structure if it was built in 1916 or earlier or is a designated historic resource. With Council’s unanimous approval of that ordinance,...


The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality will hold a public workgroup meeting on how local governments can satisfy the new contamination assessment and reduction component of SB 263’s expanded education and promotion recycling program element.

DEQ is implementing SB 263 through proposed administrative rule...


Do you:

Own a charger for an electric vehicle? Own a dispenser for propane or natural gas? Produce or import biomethane in Oregon?

Then you may be eligible to earn clean fuel credits. These credits can be sold to fuel importer as a way for them to comply with state clean fuels standards through the Oregon...


You’re well aware that WRAP is all about recycling plastic bags and product overwraps – but how can WRAP work for you?

Every community is different, so the American Chemistry Council is  hosting an exclusive webinar on Thursday, June 23rd at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT about the Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP).