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Many people inside and outside our industry don’t know the fine details of our redemption system. This interactive infographic, designed by AOR's Legislative Chair Justin Gast, gets them started.

The infographic was created using information obtained from ...


What is your name?      

Chelsea Myrick

Where do you work and what do you do?           

I am a Production Worker at Free Geek. I tally up the items that people donate and I also supervise volunteers as they sort through bins of donated materials and separate them according to what can be sold in our...


The Clark County Department of Environmental Services has started a new program promoting a sustainable lifestyle....


AOR Member Recology has developed a Sustainable Valentine's Gift Guide just in time for the holiday.

Check out Recology staff favorite give ideas that are sure to be loved by all!


What is your name?       

Jay Edwards

Where do you work and what do you do?           

My main role is as a financial advisor, on-boarding with Waddell & Reed. I'm also active in the area of sustainability consulting through both Pack2Sustain and EndInMind Design.

Tell us how you embrace...