Recycling Markets

March Markets Update

10 Mar 2017

This month there were continued improvements in cardboard, mixed paper, homogenous plastic grades, and ferrous metals.

Definitely, a good month across many of the commodity grades, and the improvements continue the trend of rising values for comingle materials. 

Of course, there are some discussions that markets are slowing/peaking, especially on the OCC and mixed paper grades. 

August Market Snippet

15 Aug 2016

This month we saw continued improvements in the recovered paper grades as demand again outpaced supply. 

Cardboard led the way domestically, and on the export market.  Mixed and office papers followed cardboard’s lead. 

Markets Snippet: May

16 May 2016

Scrap commodity prices took a nice step forward this month.  Almost every grade moved up, especially mixed paper. 

There is some speculation in the scrap industry that the coming holidays (Memorial and Fourth of July) are increasing demand, and the harsh weather in Texas and Oklahoma has limited domestic supply.  

April Market Snippet

15 Apr 2016

Not much happening in OCC markets, but we saw some improvements in other recyclable commodities and comingle prices this month. 

Main factors include a softening dollar, increased demand for sorted mixed papers in the export markets, and some improvements in plastic grades. 

Not sure if it will last, but good to see some improvement.  We can use the help these days.