Washington & Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC),

The Washington & Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference (WOHESC) is a platform for empowering and inspiring change making, facilitating action, and for sharing, networking, and collaboration related to sustainability within the region's higher education institutions. Through facilitated conversation, workshops, presentations and networking opportunities, participants will play a role in advancing environmental performance at Washington and Oregon State institutions of higher education, support regional policy goals and initiatives, and drive the development of a generation of professionals for whom sustainability is a core tenant of their work and life philosophy.

As a regional conference, WOHESC will, by its nature, promote a "local" focus. Dialogue will specifically address issues in the Pacific Northwest, and solutions will be tailored for implementation in our unique political, social, economic and environmental climate. We hope attendees will also take this time to also develop and deepen working relationships with peers in the region.

02/06/2018 (All day) to 02/08/2018 (All day)
Portland State University, Porltand, Oregon
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