Taste the Waste at Paul Hawken Keynote Presentation at McDonald Theater

11 Jun 2018

Back in 2011, the City of Eugene Waste Prevention and Green Building Program started their first targeted food waste program, which was aimed at commercial businesses.

They worked with their garbage haulers and commercial composter, Rexius, and from those partnerships, Love Food Not Waste was born!

Since then, the City's Love Food Not Waste Program has grown up a lot. Their commercial program has over 200 commercial businesses including restaurants, office buildings, grocery stores, schools, and more!

The City has also have a pilot curbside food waste collection program aimed at residential households that will be expanding citywide in the near future.

They also have a consumer education campaign around wasted food reduction for residential households which includes a variety of fun and educational outreach activities. 
Each year, lots of perfectly edible food goes into our landfill. When it enters the landfill, it breaks down without oxygen, causing methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases, to be released into the air.

The City thought, “Instead of trashing it, maybe we can find something creative AND delicious to do with it.”

Inspired by their fellow creative food waste warriors across the world, they decided to partner with Hop Valley Brewing Company to create a food waste beer, or more specifically, a beer made from day-old bread from the Bread Stop Bakery and wonky vegetables from Ambrosia Farm.

The City of Eugene Waste Prevention and Green Building Program is excited to share this beer at AOR's Sustainable Oregon 2018 Keynote Presentation by Paul Hawken at the McDonald Theater on Wednesday, June 13th. 

Come Taste the Waste!