National Trash & Recycling Survey Looking for Respondents

10 Jan 2018

Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc. are asking that you take the latest National Trash & Recycling Survey.

"Some of you may have filled out our previous surveys and your knowledge and data you provide are immensely valuable in allowing us to conduct quantitative work. We publish results in Resource Recycling and elsewhere and hope some of those studies have been helpful to you!

We'll enter you into a drawing for one of 5 kindle HD tablets (or gift cards / your choice) when you complete the survey.  

The survey is in two parts – the first part is relatively short and asks key information. The 2nd part asks detailed questions and is really helpful to us, if you know specifics. We understand you may not have 2017 data quite yet, but 2016 will be very helpful as well!"

Click here to participate.



Thank you so much for your help, we really appreciate it! 

Best Wishes for 2018,


BY THE WAY - Not only do you get entered into the drawing, but when you need case studies or need us to answer a question over the phone / assist, we’re happy to help our survey respondents!!!!