AOR Member Dues Renewals Sent September 1

5 Sep 2017

It’s that time of year again!

On September 1st, all AOR Members should have received their dues renewal notices via email, with a link to renew and pay directly online, by October 1st. Past due reminders will be emailed, and hard copies of outstanding invoices will be also be mailed, and a final notice will be emailed on November 1st.

Members who do not renew during this time will become inactive, and will no longer receive membership benefits.

This renewal process was streamlined in 2015 to alleviate confusion as to when dues expired, so all members were transitioned to the same renewal date of October 1st, which covers the period through September of the following year.

Members who joined AOR in the past year, joined at a pro-rated rate depending on when they became members, and will be invoiced the full dues amount on October 1st for the coming year.

If members have any questions about their dues, their membership, or the renewal process, are encouraged to contact Amy Roth, AOR’s Resource Director.