Professional Headshots

This year, AOR is bringing back professional photographer,Michael Schmitt, to provide professional headshot sessions to conference attendees.  REGISTER NOW!
Conveys Professionalism

First impressions are vital. You don’t want to use a picture of yourself that you cut out from another photo. You don’t want to ask a good friend who has an expensive camera to take a picture of you. Just because they have a nice camera, doesn't mean they take nice photos.

If you look professional, potential clients, investors, collaborators, etc. that don’t know you personally are going to be more likely to agree to that first meeting. There are too many voices screaming for potential clients’ attention so you want your first impression to be a solid one.

You Will Use it Everywhere
If your day-to-day business doesn’t require you to hang out on the web constantly, you may not be aware of how many places you can use your headshot. 

Having a headshot available for online interactions (think your LinkedIn Profile) can remind business contacts who you are if they met you in passing at a conference or business function. This little cue makes it more likely they will accept your “friend” or “follow” request, or reply to your professional inquiries.

Put Your Best Face Forward
When you’re in the hands of a professional photographer, they can do amazing things with lighting, very expensive lens and computer wizardry. 

Photographers are trained to bring out your personality in the picture. That’s what you are paying them for. They know the right angles, the correct head tilts and all the secret tips for making you look fab.

Having a quality image of yourself to share with your professional peers boosts your self confidence, and it can even inspire you to share more of yourself with others, take a few risks, and overcome work-related challenges

Headshots can cost upwards of $250, but with volume discounting at the conference, you can have yours taken by professional photographer Michael Schmitt ONLY at Sustainable Oregon 2019 for only $50