AOR is promoting litter cleanups throughout the summer. Cleanups are an excellent gateway to deeper community involvement and environmental action. Our hope is that we can help engage our members and supporters to participate in a cleanup (or organize one of their own!) This can help grow and expand access and participation in cleanups around Oregon. Oh, and in the end we’ll pick up a bunch of litter and have some fun too! You don’t really know how fun, impactful and feel-good a litter cleanup can be until you do one. And if you submit your collection stories and data to us, you could win a PRIZE! 

Where to Volunteer

There are several organizations that host litter cleanup outings around the state. We encourage you to connect with these groups to participate in one (or more!) of their events!

If there aren't any events with these organizations that fit your schedule or location, you can still cleanup litter! Around your neighborhood, along your favorite trail, anywhere you like to visit in nature is bound need to some help with litter management. Bring a bag along with you on your next outdoor adventure and leave the area better than when you found it!

We've compiled a best practices guide with helpful safety and logistical details to help plan your cleanup adventure. You can also watch Portland Green Streets Safety Video.  

Connect with AOR and Share your Cleanup Stories!

We want to know all about your cleanup activities!

  • Tag us in social media and use #AORCleanupConnections to show off your work!
  • Complete our data gathering form and be entered to win a prize at the end of the summer!