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BottleDrop, Oregon’s container deposit and redemption program, is introducing a new program to help non-profits around the state use recycling to raise money this holiday season. Help [us] participate in the program by

BottleDrop will match a percentage of donated refunds based on the total amount raised using blue bags from November 20th to December 20th this year. The more we raise, the more we get back, so please help us raise as much as possible for AOR! ‘Tis the season to Give through BottleDrop!



Portland Repair Finder is dedicated to helping more people fix more things. The site make tools, knowledge, and resources easier to find, and helps tell the stories behind repair work. The founders believe (and so does AOR!) that repairing things is good for the local economy, community and environment, and it is empowering and...


​AOR's 2016 Alice Soderwall Reuse Award Winner just reached a remarkable landmark: through Cracked Pots' storefront ReClaim It! volunteers have rescued 300,000 pounds (or 150 tons) of materials from the local "dump" for creative reuse that were otherwise destined for the landfill. By weight, that's like saving 30 school buses,...


After many late nights of editing and revisions, the R101 Update Team is excited to announce that R101 2.0 is up and running!

In partnership with OSU, the R101 Online Certificate Course provides a comprehensive online learning platform for users to gain knowledge on waste reduction, sustainability, toxics reduction,...


OCC and Mixed Paper values fell further for October as a result of the National Sword Campaign. 

The negative movement of these grades, paired with the rising processing costs related to tightening quality specifications, strongly affected the value of the commingle grades.  Plastic bottle grades slipped, but did not...


If you're like most AOR members, you're feeling a little anxiety about the uncertainty of our recycling markets. China is experiencing our recycling as both a source of feedstock for manufacturing and pollution.

Looking to improve environmental conditions there, China has sent a strong message globally to recyclers and...