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As if you needed another reason to head down to Eugene on June 13th for AOR's 40th Annual Conference, this might be one of the best.

Paul Hawken, environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author of Drawdown - The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, will be presenting our keynote address.


This is so huge, we've rented out the historic McDonald Theater in downtown Eugene, a short walk from the Hilton Hotel. And just to shake things up even more, we're having the keynote the evening of Wednesday June 13th, complete with book signing.

Full conference registrations, and Wednesday-only registrations include tickets to see Paul, and additional seating will be available through the McDonald Theater (tickets go on sale May 1st). Books are available for purchase when registering, or you can bring your own copy for the signing. So what are you waiting for? REGISTER NOW! Or Click Here to Buy Tickets for Paul Hawken Presentation Only.

This amazing evening would not be possible without our keynote sponsors:



Please Welcome James' Neighborhood Recycling Service to the AOR Membership!

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James' Neighborhood Recycling Service

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We have a door-to-door recycling service for our neighbors and other nearby neighborhoods...


Communities across Oregon  - and around the country - are struggling with contaminated recyclables, which has contributed to a sharp drop in interest in U.S. recycled materials from China, the major market for them. 

Contamination happens when we put things into recycling bins that can't be recycled and/or are dirty (i.e...


Resource Recycling compiled a great summary of “Recycling Markets Development in the 21st Century,” a workshop co-hosted by the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) and the Association of Oregon Recyclers (AOR) on April 4, 2018.

The event drew more than 140 people from several states to discuss a wide range of issues and...


The ReBuilding Center posted a great summary of AOR's Spring Forum. Here's an excerpt:

One thing that struck me about the Association of Oregon Recyclers' Spring Forum, entitled “Reuse Systems and Organizations in Action,” was how incredibly rich the reuse culture in Oregon is. I was impressed by organizations small and...


China, which had been receiving more than half of the world's recycling, is no longer accepting most plastics and recycled paper with a contamination level above 0.5 percent as part of its "National Sword" policy. ​

Meeting this new quality specification has been almost impossible for U.S. processors. Oregon processors...