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Pierce Fittings in Eugene, Oregon is looking for someone who can recycle or reuse a steady stream of clean, vulcanized rubber.

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The waste rubber we generate is primarily SBR and EDPM rubber.  The waste is vulcanized rubber (heated).  We generate approximately 7000 – 8000 lbs of waste...


Introducing our Coastal and Waterway Community Recycling Grant!

Looking for money to put carts on the ground? Live near a major body of water? You’re in luck: our latest grant was created just for you!
We’ve teamed up with The Coca-Cola Foundation to help out communities that have an extra hurdle: fighting...

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Oregon Mermaids LLC   What does your business/organization do?
Educate children and adults on conservation and recycling.        Tell us about your business/organization's recycling/sustainability practices.  We have a powerful recycling class that we have been...

Many of the recycling/waste reduction coordinators that work with schools are jointly nominating Nancy Bond for the AOR Lifetime Achievement award. Nancy will be retiring in June after a long and successful career as a Resource Conservation Coordinator for Portland Public Schools. 

It is difficult to capture all of the...


Free Geek stands out in the recycling ecosystem because of its unique circular model. By taking two massive societal problems—e-waste and the digital divide— and pointing them at each other, Free Geek uses one problem to solve the other.

Technology changes rapidly and computers, monitors, printers, smartphones and other...