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From Waste Today by Megan Smalley

Amazon has announced...


AOR has recently learned that The Gray Family Foundation’s environmental education grant program will be making a few extra grants in 2019 (applications due December 1, 2018).

The additional funding is made possible through a partnership between the Gray Family Foundation and BottleDrop Fund. BottleDrop Fund is a new...


In response to changes in Oregon’s recycling laws, the opportunity to recycle is being extended to all residents and businesses that share garbage collection service provided by a middle party, such as a multi-tenant property owner or property manager, regardless of the number of tenants sharing service. The change will require...


The city is switching to dual-stream recycling because of cost increases for single-stream recycling.

From Recycling Today, by Megan Smalley

The city of Kingston, New York, plans to transition from a single-stream recycling system to a dual-stream recycling system, according to the Daily Freeman newspaper. 


Modern life would be impossible without plastic – but we have long since lost control over our invention. Why has plastic turned into a problem and what do we know about its dangers?

This video is a collaboration with UN Environment and their Clean Seas campaign.


From the UN Environment Clean Seas...