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The English-speaking world's growing concern for the environment and the ubiquity of disposable items that are used only once has pushed the word "single-use" to the top of Collins Dictionary's list of "Word of the Year."

Collins says there's been a fourfold increase in the usage of the word since 2013, in part thanks to...

The Safe Drug Disposal Portal contains tools to help you start drug take-back programs, advocate for effective drug take-back laws, and educate residents about proper disposal practices.    Most Americans are aware of the dangers posed by illegal drugs. But what about prescription drugs? And over-the-counter drugs? Not only do...

Attendees of the inaugural Capital Markets Conference, a Waste Today event held in Chicago Oct. 17-18, 2018, heard from presenters with viewpoints on how the lower value of collected recyclables is affecting the bottom line of waste and recycling firms.

Bill Moore, president of Atlanta-based Moore & Associates; Seth...


From Recycling Today, by DeAnne Toto

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has introduced Colorado NextCycle, a program that provides funding, expertise and economic data to Colorado businesses, communities, universities and startups interested in turning recovered materials into marketable...


Feature Story from Recycling Today by Brian Taylor

​During the previous two decades, China emerged and then solidified its role as the leading producer and consumer of nearly every basic material, including base metals, plastic and paper and board.

The global shift in resources also entailed China becoming a...