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Shredded paper, egg cartons and most plastic containers now are bound for the trash in Marion County, which includes the state capital, Salem, the Seattle Times reports.

KGW reports on 17 questions about Marion County's new recycling rules.


Klamath County commissioners are considering a plan to help fund a facility upgrade at REACH Inc. that would expand local recyclable processing...


The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) will hold a series of workshops around the country to address recycling markets development. NRC, a national voice for recycling issues, is hosting these workshops to allow participants within the targeted region to learn how to attract and develop new and local markets for recycling...


Due to a lack of local hog fuel wood fiber users, the McFarlane’s Bark Vancouver and Milwaukie yards will no longer accept wood waste materials, pallets, construction wood, mill-cut wood, and commercially-cut wood as of Sunday, April 1, 2018. 

They will continue accepting land clearing debris, trees, stumps, grass,...


Rachel Morier, Director of Sustainability for PAC Packaging Consortium, offers insights on the circular economy for packaging, which she says is about mindful and purposeful design, and is very much complementary to sustainable materials management. She discusses new corporate packaging sustainability goals and how new and...