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The Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC) expanded West Coast commitments to climate leadership Wednesday, including a goal to halve food waste by 2030, partnering with retailers and manufacturers. It also released a vision and roadmap for low-carbon transportation [PDF]. The alliance includes California, Oregon, Washington and...

  In response to changes in Oregon’s recycling laws, the opportunity to recycle is being extended to all residents and businesses that share garbage collection service provided by a middle party, such as a multi-tenant property owner or property manager, regardless of the number of tenants sharing service. The change will require...

By Geoffrey A. Fowler, Washington Post's technology columnist based in San Francisco

The problem with recycling our old tech gadgets: They explode.

Around the world, garbage trucks and recycling centers are going up in flames. The root of the problem: volatile lithium-ion batteries sealed inside our favorite...


By Hilary Crisan-Heavilin for Recycling Today

AOR Member, Agilyx, an environmental technology and development company located in Tigard, Oregon, with the goal of extracting value from difficult-to-recycle mixed waste plastic streams, has expanded its plastic recycling capabilities to include feedstock for ethylene...


Submitted by Heidi Logosz, Sustainability Mgr. & Executive Administrator, Mt. Hood Meadows and Cooper Spur Mtn. Resort

Paul Lepinsky recently shuddered A&P Recycling in The Dalles after forty five years of service. Those who know Paul Lepinsky know that recycling is in his DNA.

Paul somehow survived over...