Strategic Plan

In fall 2014 the Board hunkered down for a full day to push forward on AOR’s strategic plan. Though the board had been working on a piecemeal strategic plan over the past few years, we opted to hire a facilitator to help pull all the pieces together and move us closer to a final product, and to ensure that the board’s previous efforts weren’t lost. Organizational development consultant Jonathan Poisner served as facilitator extradordinaire, expertly guiding us through key, big picture questions such as “what value does AOR have for its members?” and “how can AOR continue to be a vital resource for recycling in Oregon?”

We tackled both our programmatic offerings as well the way the organization operates internally, and after several long hours of conversation a framework plan started to emerge. We are proud to present here the final version of a strategic plan intended to better guide Board actions, decision-making, and priorities for the calendar years 2015 through 2017.